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About the portal

Marketplace and product expertise is essential for decisions on product selection, procurement and distribution, allowing one to go beyond simple purchasing considerations to the much more important fit-for-use and best-value advice. The reproductive health market intelligence (RHMi+) is designed to contribute to market intelligence on a product level and can be used to provide solid basis for discussions related to market dynamics activities so as to optimise price, quality, design, and sustainable supply consistent with applicable quality assurance requirements on a local level.
The RHMi+ portal is a comprehensive web-based portal containing market and product-related information on a range of reproductive health (RH) commodities. It is designed to:
  1. Provide user-friendly product information to inform selection and introduction of RH commodities into national health systems;
  2. Assist national RH programs in procurement and supply chain management decisions by offering an overview of supplier sources, indicative prices and regulatory status;
  3. Complement global initiatives aimed to improve market intelligence and total market interventions that support the quality, availability, equity and choice of RH products at country level. 
Currently information on the portal is limited to WHO prequalified products and respective manufacturers. In subsequent phases, it is intended that this inclusion criteria will be broadened to include more products and their sources. 

SRH Next logoi+logoThis portal is made possible with financial support of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Reproductive Health Market Intelligence (RHMi+) portal is developed and maintained by i+solutions, as part of the project ‘Making Sexual and Reproductive Health Services work for the next generation (SRH Next)’, jointly implemented by Cordaid, i+solutions, Health Development and Performance (HDP), Swiss Tropical Institute of Public Health and Healthy Entrepreneurs.